​BarnOwl IDW Source Data Specification

The Source Data Specification is a technical specification that unambiguously defines the format and layout of the data that the partner will need to provide to the BarnOwl IDW as well as the agreed delivery method. The Source Data Specification has been developed over a number of years to cater for the needs of a variety of different insurance providers. Below is a listing of some of the import fields we collect and store within the warehouse.

Policy Data:

We collect a variety of fields relating to the policy holder and policy header fields relating to the underlying items associated with a policy. Some of the import fields include policy number, product code, policy currency, line of business, policy status, policy holder contact details, broker, policy term, policy payment frequency, various policy cover dates and policy fee information.

Policy Item Data:

A policy item describes a policy section and type of cover for a specific risk item that is insured. Some of the import fields include unique item number, item status, section, cover descriptor, item type, risk address fields, sum insured, various fields specific to certain sections / cover descriptors and policy beneficiary data. The warehouse also accepts free form question and answer data giving the warehouse the full picture of any specific risk.

Policy Transaction Data:

The warehouse processes both raised and receipted transaction data. Included fields are related to premium, commission, fees, SASRIA, dates, VAT, descriptions, recipients, reinsurance and currency.

Claim Data:

The claim fields relate to policy header and claim header information. The policy fields are repeated in the claim data as the data will reflect the policy as at the date of loss. The import claim fields include claim number, date of loss, status and cause.

Claim Item Data:

​A claim item describes a policy section and cover type for the specific risk item that is being claimed for. The claim item data includes policy items fields which relate to the policy item as at the date of loss. Some of the import fields include peril, outstanding amount and estimate figures relating to 

original value, third party, salvage and recovery. The warehouse also accepts free form question and answer data giving the warehouse the full picture of any specific claim item. Data related to claim third parties and claim beneficiaries and also collected.

Claim Transaction Data:

The warehouse processes both payment and receipt claim transaction data. Included fields are related to type, currency, date, reference, excess amounts, supplier details, amount paid, amount received and reinsurance.