​BarnOwl IDW Infrastructure Requirements

BarnOwl IDW can be hosted on a designated server within your offices, off site at your selected hosting facility or we can host the server for you in our cloud hosting facility. The server on which the BarnOwl IDW will reside has minimum hardware requirements. Please see below for the recommend server specification.

Database Requirements:

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 64 bit Enterprise or Business Intelligence Edition

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 64 bit Datacenter or Standard Edition

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP 2 or later 64 bit - Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition


Intel Xeon 2.0GHz or faster – 4 core minimum

Disk Configuration:

RAID 1 for operating system and applications (2 disks)

RAID 1 for SQL database log files (2 disks)
RAID 5 (4 disk minimum) or RAID 0+1 (8 disk minimum) for SQL data files
RAID 1 for TempDB (2 disks) - optional, but recommended
RAID 0 for SQL backups (full and log) (2 disks)

Minimum Available RAM:


Network Card:

1GB Ethernet


Should it be required that the various server components of BarnOwl IDW be deployed over a number of servers instead of a single server the requirements of each would need to be addressed on a case by case basis. 


Apart from the server requirements on which BarnOwl IDW will reside there are other technical requirements that may be applicable depending on how data will be sent to BarnOwl IDW and consumed.


SFTP Site:

BarnOwl IDW requires an SFTP account to be created for each Partner submitting data to BarnOwl IDW. The SFTP folder associated with each partner account needs to be accessible by BarnOwl IDW to collect and process the data submitted.


Client Machines:

Should the end users wish to access BarnOwl IDW using Microsoft Excel Power Pivot one of the following versions of Microsoft Office will be required:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus or Office 365 ProPlus

  • Microsoft Office 2010 


Should the end users wish to make use of graphical reporting or an analytics tool off BarnOwl IDW we do recommend the use of Tableau Desktop or Server version 8.0 or higher.